Last Day Free Day

Today, we had the entire day free to do as we pleased, and the group did a variety of activities.

Lilliany, Emily, and I (Matt) all traveled to the beautiful city of Paris, France today! Bright and early at 7 am we left the Stay Club to catch a train to the international train station. After a 2.5 hour train ride across the English Channel and into France, we arrived in Paris to a variety of new sights and sounds. Most different was the French Metro, a vast difference from the Tube we were used to (the Tube is much nicer, be thankful). After struggling with the ticket machine for what felt like forever, we were approached by a woman who said she worked with the station specifically to help travelers struggling with the metro flashed some sort of badge. After a lot of fast talking and button pushing, we got our tickets, feeling a bit like we got scammed… but hey, we made it, right? So, we rode an incredibly packed Metro train to Notre Dame, where we stopped for some delicious crepes, with a beautiful view of the Notre Dame from our outdoor seating. Following our meal, we started following the river Seine around Paris to hit as many tourist attractions as possible. First, we viewed Notre Dame (from the outside, as the line to get in stretched all the way back to London) as well as a woman holding several pigeons on her arms… Then, we went to Sainte-Chappellew, a church with the most beautiful stained glass windows.


Sainte-Chapelle’s Glass Window.

Next, we saw the Louvre (from the outside of course), passed by the Roue de Paris and the Luxor Obelisk (the big wheel and the pointy thing) and began our trek down the Champs-Elysees to reach the Arc de Triomphe, where we found a ridiculous spelling of the word “Smurfs.”


Why are there so many extra letters?

There we got a closeup view of the inside of the arch, as well as a great view of the surrounding area. We wrapped up our day with the ever-popular Eiffel Tower, where we got some great pictures to wrap up a great visit to Paris!

eiffel tower

Eiffel tower!!

Joey spent the majority of his day at the British Museum, referred to be Professor Bell as “huge free museum of stuff British people stole from around the world.” Joey found this to be completely accurate, as the majority of his tour featured facts such as where they got the artifacts from, when, and how. Taking a page out of Dr. John McAleer’s handbook, he spent his time at the museum analyzing the exhibits both for content and aesthetic, finding many of the exhibits uninteresting and/or poorly set-up (see picture).



Several members of our group went to see the new play “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.” Under the impression that all the tickets were sold out, they bought their tickets on Stubhub for £60 a pop, only to be informed upon entry that “their tickets were not valid.” They were forced to buy their tickets again, this time for £20, and given paperwork to fill out so that they could get their refund from Stubhub after essentially being scammed. So that was a wild ride. However, the group had the pleasure of meeting THE Daniel Radcliffe, who took lots of pictures, have great discussions, and even let Alexis video a birthday message from him to her friend.


“Is that [expletive] Harry Potter?” – Gabi’s Mom’s Boss

Others saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie, with mostly positive reviews, with some interesting commentary on the Beast among other things.

I (Meredith) got out of bed at approximately 3:20 p.m., to find that, shockingly, everyone else had already left to do their own things. Professor Bell ridiculed me endlessly for this, because apparently a person can’t just get up in the middle of the afternoon. Way before I left to go on this trip, I had been wanting to pay a visit to Bubbleology, a bubble tea shop located in SoHo that makes bubble tea cocktails, so I promptly made my way over there. I ordered an absolutely delicious drink that was essentially raspberry bubble tea with vodka in it, which was wonderful, especially since bubble tea and alcohol are two of my favorite things. I also visited a small book sale that was located directly across the street from the shop, mainly featuring books on homosexuality, communism, and psychology, which are a few of my favorite topics, so I picked up two books for £7 (amazing). After this, I went out to an absolutely delicious dinner with most of the rest of the group at a fantastic Lebanese place. Most of us ordered cocktails, since it was our last night out in London, which were also delicious. After we finished our dinner, I went out with five other people to see Beauty and the Beast, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. The movie theater sold alcohol, so we were all pretty pleased with how the evening turned out.

Others went out to sightsee at various locations. Notting Hill drew a large crowd, an attraction from a popular movie of the same name. Following this, there was a Brexit protest that drew a large crowd.



Another was Emirates Stadium, home to the Arsenal Football Club, a beautiful pitch for those who toured. Finally, many visited different marketplaces to go shopping for shopping and souvenirs.

Quotes from the Trip

“I went to Shrek’s Adventure today. First thing I see is a man dressed as Shrek, and he says ‘GET OUT OF MY SWAMP.’ I said ‘Yes, sir,’ and immediately walked out of his swamp. I bought a donkey hat, now I can walk around with just the head of donkey from Shrek, I’m so excited. Also they had this thing where they pick out Lord Farquaad’s eligible wives, and they picked me y’all! I was so lit. I couldn’t believe it. By the way, I did not go to Shrek’s Adventure. I took a picture outside of it.” -Alexis

Note: Meredith cried the entire time she was typing this.

“What sound does a British duck make? Is it the traditional ‘quack?’ Or is it more of a ‘quek?’” -Lilliany

“What type of dusty are you?” -Alexis

“When you’re in a strip club, do you throw pound coins at strippers?” -Alexis

“I’m being cultural” -Lilliany

“I like the gap” – Lilliany

“I like the GAP” – John

“I have a question” – Lilliany (Professor Bell groans)

“I went into Topshop and it was terrifying. I was so bewildered that I just bought pants and left.” -Isabella

“I’m shook” -Gabi

“I’m so tired of those stupid shirts that just say ‘Kale’ on them. I wanna see a shirt that says ‘Kale yourself’ on it. I would buy that from Forever 21.” -Taylor

(In reference to KFC) “I’ll always find the Colonel.” -John

“If I can convince one British person that I am genuinely from New Zealand, I will be fulfilled.” -Rachael

“I have the calves of an angel” -Professor Bell

“I think if I had to be an emoji I’d be the panda emoji. No particular reason. I just kinda feel like it’s me.” -Andre

“Have you guys heard Shrek dubstep? I gotta turn my wifi on for this.” -Emily

“What are you doing? Life is worth living!” -Guy who almost hit us with his car

“Walking so much today gave me a whole new respect for those people who sang the 500 miles song. Like 500 miles?! I can only do 12!” -Emily

“Why are you like this?” -said by everyone to everyone at some point

It’s been lit.

-Meredith and Matt


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