Just Days To Go!

Welcome to our class blog!

Starting on Saturday  18 March, 2017, we’ll make daily posts to this site to show family and friends back home what we’re up to in London.

With just a few days to go before we head to London, here’s a few words about PACKING


It’s spring in the UK and that can sometimes mean rain, wind, and even snow. So let’s pack accordingly. Bring a warm waterproof coat, a hat, gloves and a scarf.

Cram everything into ONE suitcase (one with wheels is best) and be sure to pack (in your hand luggage) your passport, details of your e-ticket, an ATM card and a credit card, and your source pack.

You can convert your US$ funds into GB£ funds in lots of ways, but the simplest by far is to make sure there are funds in your US Bank Account and to use UK ATMs when you arrive in London late Saturday or first thing Sunday.

And here’s a note about Friday night, DEPARTURE DAY


Our flight leaves Dulles at 11.10pm. Dulles is about an hour’s drive from College Park or you can take metro (Green line to Silver line and transfer to a shuttle at Wiehle Ave). If anyone needs a ride from the College Park area, drop me a line (rjbell@umd.edu).

You can arrive at Dulles as early as you wish. I plan to arrive at about 9pm and to be in line to check-in for the flight at the United Airlines INTERNATIONAL Counter in the main terminal. If your parents would like to meet me or say hi, that’s when and where they can find me.

You can check yourself in whenever you wish, but be sure to do so NO LATER THAN 9.30PM. It takes a while to check in, to go through security, and to take a special train out to the gate in the middle of the airfield. I’d like us all to meet out at the Departure Gate at 10pm. Feel free to arrive there earlier if you wish. There’s a Starbucks very close to it. My US cell is 202 288 0734 if you need to reach me that evening.

Blog Test

As a test of how to use this blog, please do two things:

1. Use the comments section below to say hi or to ask a question.

2. Give your parents and friends our weblink: https://umdlondon.wordpress.com/ so they can see our photos and stories and follow along with our trip.


17 thoughts on “Just Days To Go!

  1. Sounds good, see you tomorrow! Will we be stopping by the Stay Club right when we get to London to drop off our stuff?

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